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 Trippy, healing, and uplifting; this session begins with a simple meditation and Reiki approach that progresses into a deep, full-body massage. It's trippy because your active mind slows down and your third eye opens. Healing sensations flow as the massage stimulates feel-good hormones and pain relief.  Uplifting emotions take over as negative momentum loses steam. 


Rei means Universal and Ki means life force.  Reiki can be used as a meditation, a dance, a blessing, a form of magic, but mostly it's used as hands-on healing. That's right "hands-on."  Massaged, caressed, touched from head to toe along the meridian lines of the body forges that mind, body, spirit harmony. Just lovingly holding someone's hand boosts the immune system, imagine lovingly giving a full body massage and you will have Reiki Deep. 


Other techniques integrated are deep tissue, sports, shiatsu, reflexology, and Swedish.

Rates $150 for 1hr, $190 for 90 minutes, $300 for 2hrs





The Runic readings generate long conversation and insight. Similar to Tarot, you can ask a specific or general question. With Nordic mythological references and using Swiss psychologist Carl Jung's interpretation of subconscious, conscious, and higher conscious; I am like your ancient psychotherapist.  Following this with a Reiki Deep massage deepens your guidance. Reiki works a lot with the subconscious as do the runes. Both use symbols as forms of blessings and communication. This only makes our time together better. 


Add $45


(I'm vaccinated so we can do this now, but I will still wear a cloth mask.)

Enjoy my adaptation of a traditional Hamman and get bathed and exfoliated. While traveling in Morocco, I enjoyed this ancient male togetherness. I created my version to share with you. You are soaped up from head to toe with some gentle massaging and exfoliating. The various pressures of the showerhead and the steamy bathroom with candlelight and drum beats put you on an adventure. You'll feel like a baby. 

Add $65 (Only for sessions longer than 1hr.)


As a Reiki Master, I can customize a personalized class to put you on your Reiki path. 

$400 for 6hrs


Another great way to experience Reiki is with linked hands in a circle. In these monthly gatherings, Reiki practitioners offer free mini-sessions. These are typically free groups with small donations accepted to cover rental space if required. 

Free but donations welcomed.


Queer Singles Mixer

Group Dates With Me & Queer Singles

Donations Are Welcomed But Not Required

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