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 I am a Reiki Practioner, but seldom recieve it myself. This massage was a balanced combo of traditional Reiki and deep tissue body work. It was a wonderful, peaceful experience. Jack got into my head very quickly, understood what I needed at took my farther than I expected. Jack is my new religion.


 This was my second appointment. First was a few months back while in NYC and was only a 60 minute massage. This was the full 2 hours while jack was visiting Philly. It was incredible. He was caring and took his time massaging always making sure I was ok. The meditation part of massage let's you float away. His touch and voice are soothing at the same time. I will definitely be back for more and nothing less than 2 hours..


Body, massage work done on me. Took his time massaging and addressed my problem areas of concern, made me feel like he handle all of my bodies aches and stiffness felt like we connected both physically and spiritually
Left feeling lighter more balanced, ready to face the world.


Jack was always able to see me in a timely manner. I have been to him many time he was price right and gave a nice 90 minute relaxing massage. I recall the first time where we sat and talked a bit so he we able to get and Idea on my stress level and the pressure I liked. He was near the GW Bridge which was a good location for me. He moved for a while but I am glad he is back in town and will use him again.

Jack's description is spot-on. His massage is a unique, dreamy experience that invigorates, heals, and investigates the tensions and troubles we hold from daily wear and tear. His touch compels you to relax and accept nurturing care. A mini-vacation, both physically and spiritually! 


Jack gave a great reiki massage session, the bodywork was super relaxing and he was attentive to me as a client. He is easy to talk to and I would highly recommend his services!



This is one of the most relaxing, sensitive, and intelligent massages I have ever received, and I've received many to judge from. Normally, I would have been very uptight about stripping down in the presence of someone with such a beautiful body. I was also expecting an element of "hocus-pocus," consisting mainly of hands merely hovering an inch from my body. Instead, Jack performed a fusion of techniques that made me feel calm, balanced and secure. I still look back on the massage as one of the only periods of complete relaxation I've experienced in the last decade. Jack is at ease with his own body and he is capable of imparting that same sense of wholeness, serenity and pleasure to the client.


 Jack, is a soothing and incredible spiritual individual! You start relaxing just as you are talking with him. As you let yourself go under his influence you just float away into a wonderful relaxing and stress free feeling. Floated all weekend.


 Jack was very accommodating, hospitable and generous with his time. The massage was extremely relaxing, sensual and healing. He starts you off in a meditative state so your body can just let go and relax and enjoy the feeling of touch and healing. I never have had reiki but it sure was a very soothing serene experience. My body and breath felt in unison.. He alas is a skilled masseur and really can work your tense muscles into relaxation. The massage was everything I needed. I will definitely be seeking Jack for another Reiki treatment in the future.. Very healing. Thank you..


I have years of body work yet have not tried Reiki. Jack took time to explain the effects of this practice and after an 1 1/2 hour session I totally believe in him and his technique. He is very friendly and comfortable to be with. I thought the trip would be too far but made a trip to the Cloisters afterwards and an all around great day. Thank you Jack!

“My experience with Jack was perfect! I booked a 90-minute massage with Jack the day before. He was responsive and the appointment was set up easily. Jack was super pleasant and welcoming. His space is bright and clean and he provided the perfect setting for a perfect massage. We chatted for a bit before the massage. He explained his technique and discussed expectations. 
The massage was relaxing, even heavenly. His touch was superb and he provided a safe and comfortable space in which to relax and to drift away. He uses both guided imagery and his hands to relax and heal your mind and body. I will definitely be a regular. Thank you, Jack!”


My massage with Jack was great. A truly unique experience. He is very focused and creates a really great energy with his work- very calming & healing. I look forward to my next massage and would definitely recommend him!


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