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Jack Shamblin

As a New York playwright and performer, I sought ways to balance the emotional challenges of facing uncertainty.  After twenty-five years, I've acquired some useful therapeutic techniques.  After a bad break-up, I was taken to my first Reiki circle in 1996. The emotional pain lifted away. After producing my first major play, I took my initial Reiki class so I could restore my energy. Quickly, I knew Reiki healing was something I wanted to share with everyone. After completing my Master-level training, I slowly began to have clients. Now 4,000 sessions later, I've taken simple energy work into a whole new scope that includes Runic readings, past-life regressions, acupressure, shiatsu, deep tissue, and Moroccan scrub downs. 

Clients come to me seeking emotional nurturing as well as learning to physically trust. I've worked with all walks of humanity from priests, corporate executives, construction workers to subway drivers and giving them a healing ritual that shifts them back into their best selves. Sessions are highly intimate and clients should be upfront about their comfort levels. If there is mutual respect, we can both enjoy this highly beneficial healing. The therapeutic quality embraces the body, mind, and spirit for complete rejuvenation. 


I'm a modern shaman.

I spent my childhood roaming the foothills of the Ozarks along the border of Arkansas and Oklahoma. This gave me a spiritual connection to nature, which also mixed with my methodist upbringing. As a performance artist, I rely often on faith, instincts, and intuition to help me in navigating through life. Like many healers, my hardships have brought me wisdom that I look forward to sharing with you. 


2010 - Present

Established as a Reiki Master Masseur, Runic Reader, Life Coach, Reiki Educator while teaching and creating sessions for thousands of clients.  


Began teaching theatre workshops in Portugal at C.E.M.


2005 - 2010

Certified as ESL teacher with Cambridge and taught all levels of English language courses. 

I graduated with a B.A. in Theatre with honors from the University of Iowa.


Certified as a Reiki Master Masseur in NYC with Reiki Arts Alliance and International Reiki Center For Teacher Training. 


Wrote, produced, directed first major play at La MaMa  Annex, NYC.

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