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Reiki Deep is not a substitute for medical treatment or massage therapy treatments. The words massage and massage therapist are used descriptively and for legal reasons not meant as terms to advertise massage.These are sessions with touch, meditative and physical techniques to allow your body time to self-heal. All financial transactions and words like buy now are donation based and are for my time and the costs of set up. Rates are not fixed and are suggestions. I am a certified Reiki Master with over ten years experience. I have given more than three thousand sessions and can assure a high quality experience. My services are part of the new wave of alternative healers. Healers in this sense means a modern shaman. A modern shaman in this sense means a meditative performer who uplifts through intending a good vibe and connecting with said good vibe. Certified in this sense is not meant as a state certification. This is a certification within the Usui Tibetan Reiki tradition. I am a registered Reverend in the city of New York, and I can be seen as providing a blessing through touch. The words intimate, reiki4men, sensual are not codes for sexual exchange. This is not a spa. It does have undeniable health benefits. It’s not a substitute for a health, spa, or massage treatments. Modern Shaman is more of a community center for mindfulness. 


If you agree to visit me, you are in agreement that any financial donation is given for the energy therapy and all other interaction is consensual and not as an illicit act. 


I, Jack, the owner of the website lovingshaman, state this to be my disclaimer. My name being typed should be viewed as my agreement. 





Oct. 1st, 2008.

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