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Jack  has come a long, long way from that Bible-Belt Eastern Oklahoma town where he grew up, a two-hour drive from the headquarters of the Ku Klux Klan. Back in the eighties, when he drummed-up enough courage to tell a friend he was gay, she told him he would “die of Aids and then roast for eternity.” His adoring mother went homophobic and threatened to take away his college fund. And, all of a sudden, no one would talk to him. Depression followed and presented him with his first unofficial acting job —trying to play it straight when it wasn’t really him. Jack was locked inside himself with so much to say but with no vehicle of expression. He calls it his “silent-state-of-Bohemia: a place full of singers without voices, dancers without legs and writers without hands.”

Fast-forward to 2018 and meet the new and evolved Jack  — international writer, actor, director, comedian, performance artist, activist, and Reiki Master shaman. “Only when I owned my pain and created from it,” he says, “did I begin to heal.” He not only found his voice, his legs and his hands, but he clarified his direction as a Queer spiritual leader and role model in the arts.


 Trippy, healing, and uplifting; this session begins with a simple mediation and Reiki approach that progresses into a deep, full-body massage. It's trippy because your active mind slows down and your third eye opens. Healing sensations flow as the massage stimulates feel-good hormones and pain relief. Uplifting emotions take over as negative momentum loses steam. 


 The Runes never lie. 

Use these Viking symbols to deepen your personal insight and find answers. 

Integrate runic energy with a Reiki Deep massage. 


As a Reiki master, I can teach and attune you to the tradition. Additionally, I facilitate gatherings.

Guided Meditations